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Let's Make Your Technology
Work for You

We help small to mid-size companies reach their goals through automation, project management, and customized IT training.


We start every project with your biggest asset: your people. What they wish could be changed; what is simple or overly complicated; we want to hear it all! 


Whether it's automated or manual, we then dive deep into the processes that drive your business forward. We finalize this step by reviewing the current processes versus the ideal ones. 


We then help you make the most of your technology stack, whether that's adding automation pieces, migrating data or platforms, consolidating processes, or more. 


Our final piece of any project is the handoff, where we revisit Step 1: the people. Whether this is written or video; recorded or live, we make sure that people, process, and technology are all aligned. 

Supported Technology Includes:

M2VA Supported Tech (1).png

If your platforms aren't listed, don't worry! I can support or refer you to the best people in my network.

Megan Miller, Technical VA and IT consultant

Let's Take Your Work to the Next Level

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