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Services & Pricing

IT Consulting Services

Pricing based per project. 
Contact me to get a free quote today!

IT Project Management

Does your team have great ideas, but struggle with execution? Let's plan your project milestones together and leave all the follow-up work to me. I'll make sure everyone stays on track and within the project scope and cost.

Strategy & Process Improvement

Sometimes, an outsider perspective is one of the most helpful things you can have: especially if processes make sense to you... and only you! Let's review your strategies, automations, and current processes to make sure they're giving your business what you need.

Training and Ongoing Support

Is there a new software, or do you have new teammates? Let me use my background in education and corporate training to provide customized solutions for your business, your software, and your processes. 

Technical Virtual Assistant Services

Customized IT Training

If you want to learn more about your systems. I'd love to show you! Our time together can be spent via Teams, Meet, or Zoom where you can interact with your own tools, and I can create manuals or guides so that the information can live on. 

Website Maintenance

Are there changes that you've been putting off because there's just not enough time in the day? Send me your changes and see them come to life - right before your eyes.

*Available for Squarespace and Wix only

Process Automation

Life doesn't have to revolve around manually updating Excel spreadsheets and forgetting to set calendar reminders for manual emails. Let's see what - and how - your time-sucking processes can be automated, so you can get back to living life. 

Pricing Plans

Technical VA Pricing 

Either $90/hour or see basic pricing plans below. 

I know every project and entrepreneur's needs are different, so let's chat about your needs! 

Basic Plan

10 Hours a Month


per month

Advanced Plan

20 Hours a Month


per month

Custom Plan

Suitable for Your Needs


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